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Asset representation:

The digitization of assets (aka tokenization) is the process of representing physical assets with unique characters. This process allows the ownership rights to be transmitted and traded on a digital ledger like Xtense. Tokenization opens up the asset world to people who cannot commit a substantial amount of money to buy a single asset or financial instrument. It allows them to build a portfolio of paintings, real-estate, gold or any other commoditized asset where they have purchased shares. This process will transform our old idea of buying an entire piece of a physical asset as it will turn liquid or group of assets into a digitally tradable asset. Xtense provides an end-to-end platform for people who are more interested in assets because of their investment potential.

Ledger overlay:

The ecosystem has been designed with different types of ledgers virtually separated. But at the same time, they coexist on the same distributed physical ledger as one. The purpose of the design is to support a microarchitecture delivering high degrees of confidentiality, resiliency, flexibility, and scalability. It also accommodates the complexity and intricacies that exist across the capital market economic ecosystem. Xtense allows its participants to create separate transaction channels with other market participants. Its core has embedded smart contract layer that automatically recomputes exposures by referencing agreed external data sources and recalculating variation margin in a specific time interval.

Instant Settlement:

The current situation gives a rare possibility for combining the development efforts in different areas of technology for real-time settlement infrastructure with major efficiency gains. Our simplified structure will only include four types of institutions as direct participants in the core infrastructure: A simplified institutional accounting structure consisting basically of registrars and custodians. A settlement and trading infrastructure based on a common open network structure. Legal and regulatory harmonisation supporting the simplified institutional structure. A network-based infrastructure for a transparent audit trail. Our solution deliberately questions and challenges some the current beliefs and standpoints on which the current securities process is based. The impact on the market will be huge, but the benefits can be obtained earlier and the result will be a clear overall structural reform.

Anonymity and Governance:

Many processes in the capital market require anonymity as a critical step. We enable anonymous transactions through cryptography and by controlling the access to channels. Our permission-based access requirements allow the ability to reveal particular information to counterparties for credit assurance. Regulators can get perfect views of anonymised data in the ledger to perform adequate market surveillance and maintain anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing processes. We recognize the need to be clear on how the ledger will be managed and improved once it goes live. Regular involvement of our network participants would improve governance processes, update approvals, roles and responsibilities.

Benefits of XTENSE


Minimizes systemic credit and liquidity risk through verification of holdings before the trade. Reduces credit exposures through mutualisation of the golden source of data.


An immediate irrevocable settlement with real-time transaction matching. Transparent supervision for market by authorities with reporting and more straightforward AML standards.


Fungible use of assets on blockchains as collateral will significantly reduce collateral requirements. Real-time decentralized clearing with auto-execution of smart contracts will allow faster novation and efficient post-trade processing.

Security Serving

Common reference data with richer central datasets with flat two-tier accounting hierarchies. Fund subscriptions and redemptions processed automatically on the respective ledgers. Simplification of fund servicing, accounting, allocations and administration.

Business owners

Reduce operational cost and risk, directly increasing liquidity to many fold. Any business house in the Xtense network can liquidate their assets through end to end tokenization. Xtense provides direct risk diversification through fungible ownership transfer.


It empowers our customers by making fractional ownership a reality. Enables users to invest as little as one dollar in multi-million dollar projects throughout the world. Xtense reduces holding risk to many fold by enabling any asset as securely tradable.

Community and Challengers

While we challenge capital market participants to invest in the innovation to bring about a better ecosystem to benefit all, Initial solutions are likely to be imperfect. We understand no substitute for the deep collective knowledge held by the major participants in capital markets.

We invite whole heartily both our valuable community members and challengers to participate in one of the real use case of DLT technology and disseminate knowledge.

We are looking for volunteers from Capital market, Insurance, Art and Real estate to help test our next version of testnet and platform, available in October, 2018. If you are interested, please submit your resume to hello@xtense.io with your brief contributions to existing projects (e.g., github commits) or reference.

We at Xtense are open to embrace nascent technology and refine our solution every day.

Please don’t send money and ETH to any unverified website in our name. We have no ICO plan till now until our product is ready for market. Updates will be available on this website, Twitter, and our Telegram announcements channel. Please subscribe or join our Telegram bellow.

Let’s together shake up the value chain !

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